COVID-19 Holidays

At the beginning of what looks like the second Covid-19 wave, popular holiday destinations in France are accessible to most Europeans. The cities of Deauville and Trouville, a mere 2 hour drive from Paris and only a 4 hour drive from Brussels, as well as the nearby coastal tourist attractions further South, concentrate a wide variety of nationalities.

Parisians mingle with German, Dutch, Belgian, British citizens craving for a return of normalcy. They each have slightly different physical distancing rules at home and as a result have a different mindset on how to behave regarding safety measures.

The beaches of the Normandy coast are generally very wide and offer a lot of space to the thousands of people enjoying their sacro-sanct holidays. The shopping and restaurant areas as well as the landmark destinations like the Mont Saint-Michel tend to be very crowded. September will tell how reasonable it was to indulge in a normal holiday on the Normandy coast.

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