MAPS Shares

Since its creation, MAPS has been committed to transmission.

Through the MAPS SHARES programmes, MAPS aims to share the knowledge, experience and expertise of its members with a wider audience.

Educational opportunities are open to everyone – of any age, nationality and level of photographic experience. As a collective, MAPS implements custom-made photography guidance for individuals and organizations on different scales : from workshops and masterclasses to lectures, conferences or consultancy.

The educational skills of MAPS photographers and creatives are as varied as they are complementary. Each member has a specific background and experience to share, along with accurate and successful teaching methods.

Latest programme

CHAGRA’s objective is to create a network of independent visual narrators, to increase their capacity to depict the consequences of armed conflict, environmental upheavals and migration issues in their own communities and territories.

This educational program is organized by the Colombian association Baudó, in collaboration with MAPS.

5 MAPS photographers and creatives took part in a cycle of virtual seminars dedicated to innovation in visual storytelling.

Re-watch their interventions on Youtube (in Spanish):

Learn more about the programme here



Massimo Berruti

• Workshops, lectures, masterclasses

• Spoken languages : Italian, English

Massimo Berruti’s personal work is defined by the visual expression of geopolitical issues and social change.

His educational practice focuses on long-term guidance, accompanying student during all steps of their original productions. From the elaboration of ideas for a new story and helping the attendants to highlight themes of actual interest to the enhancement of their aesthetic approach and visual storytelling.

He has recently participated in the WBI programme in Dakar alongside Gaël Turine and is among the instigators of the first Maps Masterclass, taking place in Rome in January 2021.


Kitra Cahana

• Conferences, university lectures, workshops

• Spoken languages : English

As a photographer and videographer, Kitra explores important social, anthropological and spiritual themes, which she constantly observes from within.

She has the remarkable ability to formulate these subjects with as much pertinence as poetry. In fact, she hosted multiple TED Talks in which she presented her photographic works on young American nomads and her father's illness.

Kitra Cahana is a McGill University philosophy graduate and holds a master degree in Visual and Media anthropology from the Freie Universitat in Berlin. In 2019, she has been a guest lecturer  at Ohio university.

Kitra Cahana is a National Geographic contributor, participating in a National Geographic Photo Camp and providing students with a personalized, immersive learning experience.

TEDx : A glimpse of life on the road

TEDx : My father, locked in his body but soaring free


Matthieu Gafsou

• Lectures, workshops, conferences

• Spoken languages : French, English

Matthieu Gafsou's practice lies at the crossroads of documentary and art.

It is distinguished by a patient examination of each aspect of a chosen subject and is constructed in such a way as to be presented in the form of books or exhibitions. His teaching is thus oriented towards the accompaniment of photographers who are also engaged in this approach. It focuses on the adequacy between conceptual content and formal mastery.

Matthieu Gafsou has been a lecturer at the Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) since 2012, where he teaches documentary photography in the broadest sense.

He regularly gives lectures and workshops in art schools - Belgium (Saint-Luc), China (Three shadows art center), Russia (Rodchenko Art School) or Switzerland (Hepia; ECAL, Eracom). He also has a wide range of technical skills both in terms of shooting (still life, large format, landscape, architecture, portrait) and production (scanning, large format printing, scenography, editing).p;

Matthieu Gafsou occasionally participates in debates and conferences concerning the subjects explored in his series, such as at the Belfast Photo Festival in 2019.


Cédric Gerbehaye

• Masterclasses, workshops, lectures, juries

• Spoken Languages : French ; English

Cédric Gerbehaye has a background in journalism and spent the last decade pushing the limits of his visual storytelling practice, navigating between photographic essay, web documentary and length-feature film.

He marks a strong interest in exploring both foreign and familiar places. 

While continuing to develop new narratives, he frequently shared this acquired experience in workshops, masterclasses and courses over the last years. To strengthen his didactic skills, Cédric Gerbehaye undertook the training for trainers from the World Press Photo. 

He regularly accompanies students from the the very first steps of their projects, leading them from a better understanding of what is at stake on the field to the writing of the synopsis, the shooting, and choice of medium of diffusion. 

Among notable experience are his multimedia mentoring in the Reporting Change project, between 2012 and 2014 in Tunis and Istanbul in the aftermath of the Arab Spring ; his year-long Leica mentorship ; his photojournalism workshops and jury member at IHECS, Brussels ; in Cairo for the Training Center for Journalists ; for Correspondents at Bayeux Festival ; or for the University of Art and Design of Geneva. 


Simona Ghizzoni

• Workshops, masterclasses, conferences

• Spoken languages : Italian, English

Simona Ghizzoni’s work is characterized by a deep and genuine relationship with the people photographed, be they women, children or herself.

This committed and introspective artistic process expresses itself in various forms, such as a diary-like portfolio or through self-portraiture and unfolds in the long term, sometimes decade-long.

As for her teaching, she has been particularly interested in discussing the reasons that lead students towards a topic, the urgency this choice reflects, the means to create a meaningful bond with another individual and get to tell their story in a unique, respectful and compelling way. She also cares to address practical yet crucial aspects of the profession such as funding, being part of a collective, entering contests, etc. 

In 2017, she conducted a workshop with Scampia students and kids from the gipsy camp of Cupa Perillo which resulted in the production of a series on adolescence and deprivation - Il Mare Non Bagna Napoli - in which they were actively involved. She regularly teaches thematic workshops : Self-Portrait Theories and Practices at CSF Adams ; Portrait and Self-Portrait in the Social Narrative at Fotografia Europe ; The Documentary Portraiture at Photolux 2018. With fellow Italian photographers, she launched MAPS’ first masterclass. Simona Ghizzoni is a Canon Ambassador and participates in many of their educational programmes. 


Justyna Mielnikiewicz

• Workshops, lectures, conferences, juries

• Languages : Polish, Georgian, English

Translating complex geopolitical and social situations into impactful visuals is Justyna Mielnikieiwicz's strongest ability.

For more than a decade, she has roamed Caucasus, where she resides, and has been addressing burning issues such as borders, migration, women or the shadow of the USSR, through long-term documentary work.

During the workshops she teaches, Justyna Mielnikiewicz is keen to work on the pivotal point between the first steps of a project and the actual shaping of the storytelling. She often combines intensive practice (such as shooting assignments, before or during the workshop) with live guidance, editing coaching and mentoring. Her teaching is designed for active photographers who desire to improve or start their experience in documentary photography, photojournalism and visual storytelling.

Workshops are frequently accompanied by lectures on photography ethics, conducting research, project writing, approaching magazine editors, career management or reflection on her own body of work and career path. 

She recently conducted workshops at the Instytut Fotografii Fort in Poland. In September 2019, she moderated and took part in various discussion panels at the Tbilisi Photo Festival. 

Lensculture : Keep Working, No Matter What


Dominic Nahr

• Workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews 

• Languages spoken : English, German

Dominic Nahr has devoted himself to documenting conflicts, humanitarian crises and critical social issues.

Dominic Nahr has devoted himself to documenting conflicts, humanitarian crises and critical social issues. He has worked on extensive photographic essays in Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, South Africa, Haiti, Egypt, Gaza, Iraq and Japan.

Dominic Nahr has been giving photographic workshops and classes since 2012. These have included one to five days workshops with companies and organisations such as Leica Fotografie International (LFI), Leica Galerie Salzburg, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in Mali and Myanmar, The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Die Schweizer Journalistenschule (MAZ) and for The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) field teams in Iraq.

Since January 2017 Nahr is a guest lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts at the Hochschule Hannover, Germany. 

Dominic states being fascinated with how photographers think, edit and present their work. In his portfolio reviews, he tries to asses the path the photographer may or may not have chosen and guide the individual to find a narrative and visual language of their own.

2018 - Leica Ambassador and Lecturer at Leica Akadamie Switzerland, Zürich

2018 - Permanent Lecturer in Reportage at F+F School for Art and Media Design, Zürich

2016 - 2018 Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts at the Hochschule, Hannover, Germany.

Dominc Nahr workshops

In-gallery Talk 


Alessandro Penso

• Workshops, masterclasses, conferences, portfolio reviews

• Languages spoken : Italian, English

Deeply committed to social issues, Alessandro has made the issue of immigration in the Mediterranean and Europe his focus in recent years.

During that period of time, he has produced work on detention centres in Malta, on the situation of migrant workers in the agricultural sector in southern Italy and on young people stuck in limbo in Greece.

It is that dedication to photography that Alessandro aims to pass on to students, through workshops. He advises them from the preparation of a photographic project to its implementation on the field, working on finding the student’s own visual narrative. Alessandro Penso also reviews portfolio and guides fellow photographers in editing or post-production. He is a co-founder of MAPS’ first year-long masterclass. 

Alessandro Penso took part in panel discussions on the topic of migration at the Tbilisi Photo Festival 2019 or in European Parliament and the Sapienza University of Rome. 


Hannah Reyes Morales

• Talks, workshops, portfolio reviews

• Languages spoken : Tagalog, English

Hannah Reyes Morales’ work focuses on individuals mired in complex situations created by inequality, poverty, and impunity.

In recent years, she has taken a particular interest in issues affecting women, such as sex trafficking, domestic work or changing beauty standards. 

One's identity is at the core of Hannah's photographic and educational practices. Through the various workshops she led for National Geographic Learning, for corporate clients or students, she encouraged the participants to find their individuality, based on what they already had in their possession, be it tools, interests or photographic style. Along with workshops, she also participates in portfolio reviews - most recently with Sony.

When speaking, Hannah naturally finds the right and inspiring words. This is what she brings to discussions or conferences about her profession or for young photographers. 


Matt Stuart

• Workshops, masterclasses, talks , consultancy

• Languages spoken : English

Matt Stuart stands in the right place at the right time. Through a game of clever compositions, he reveals the humour that resides in seemingly mundane street scenes. 

His photography practice requires observation and patience. These are these two qualities essential to street photography that he teaches to the participants of the many workshops he has been leading worldwide. During these intensive workshops spread over several days, Matt Stuart takes the students out on the streets, where he shares his tricks and advises them while they shoot. 

Participants usually gather at the end of the day with Stuart, to edit their work together and discuss editing and storytelling.

A Guide to Street Photography 

Magnum Workshop In Shenzhen 

Time, Patience, Repetition: The Ingredients of Special Street Photography 


John Trotter

• Lectures, workshops 

• Languages spoken : English

John Trotter's career and photographic work were directly impacted by his assault in 1997.

After this attack, which occured while working, he needed to learn how to be a photographer once again, questioning the reasons and purposes of his practice. 

To John Trotter, one of the most important functions of the work of photographers is to understand why choosing on creating what we create and addressing the subjects we address. He seeks to foster the questions that will help move the work toward its completion, even while the subject being addressed may be evolving over the life of the project. He can help to understand how to navigate through the work over time while developing a project’s unifying aesthetic.

Considering his own experience with disability, after a traumatic brain injury and growing up with a brother with physical and cognitive disabilities, John Trotter finds interest in teaching people with disabilities. 

In 2019, John Trotter led a workshop for young people with the Tbilisi Photo Festival, some of whom were disabled people and most of those were hearing-impaired. 



Laetitia Ganaye

• Portfolio reviews, workshops, consultancy

• Languages spoken : French, English 

After studying cultural management, and further to an internship at Magnum Photos, Laetitia Ganaye joined Agence VU’ where she has been in charge of the international development at the editorial department.

Late 2015, she started an activity as a freelance photography consultant. She conducts workshops, review portfolios, and assists photographers throughout long-term projects. 

Laetitia Ganaye’s sharp knowledge of the editorial market enables her to provide an overview of the international media, how to approach them, negotiate budgets, contracts, sell a story and work on assignments. Additionally, she can offer practical advices : editing a story depending on whom it will be presented to and guide a photographer through that process. Her experience within MAPS has entrusted her with an expertise in assisting personal projects over the long term and articulate them in a collective perspective.

Among notable experience, she held in 2014 a workshop on documentary photography in partnership with Nikon, during the Bayeux-Calvados Award. She was part of the 2015 jury for The Fence outdoor photography exhibition series, conceived by United Photo Industries and PDN. In 2016, she attended a fundraising training programme with the French Association of Fundraisers. Collaborations include Neutral Grey and freelance photographers whom she supports in the development of long-term projects.


Anne Degroux

• Consultancy, workshops

• Languages spoken : French, English

Anne Degroux has 20 years of experience in communication in agencies and public and associative structures, most recently as Head of Communication for the NGO Action contre la Faim.

She is now a consultant in brand and communication strategies.

In recent years, she has gained experience in the development of new forms of storytelling : digital narration, street events, multimedia projections. Such ambitious, 360° projects integrate dissemination and communication means, as well as the development of partnerships.

Anne Degroux can conduct workshops to develop visibility strategies, guiding the group to design their communication plan on a project, targeting audiences, developing dissemination and communication means - press relations, digital, print, advertising, events.

She also gives trainings to enhance empowerment of grassroots groups, based on participatory and creativity methods.


Eefje Ludwig

• Workshops, masterclasses, conferences, portfolio reviews

• Languages : Dutch, English

Born in 1982 Eefje is an independent Dutch photography producer, advisor, curator and educator.

She holds a Masters in Educational Sciences (University of Amsterdam) and studied photography at the Institut Catalan d’Estudis Fotogràfics in Barcelona, Spain. From 2008 till 2016 she worked as a project manager and a manager of the education department at World Press Photo. During those years she developed, fundraised and coordinated different training projects and publications in the Middle-East, Africa and Latin America. She has been a member of different juries and is currently a nominator for the 6×6 Talent Program and the well-known Joop Swart Masterclass of World Press Photo, which she co-ordinated for many years in the past, bringing to the fore many important artists from the field of photojournalism and documentary photography. 

In 2017 she was the Artistic Director of Photoreporter Festival in Saint-Brieuc, France. She is Education Manager at PHmuseum, a founding member of the Transformations project and the founder of The Forest Bathing Circle. 

Eefje regularly gives workshops and presentations about documentary photography and visual storytelling in partnership with cultural and educational institutions. She has given workshops at University of Amsterdam, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Open Studio, TransEurope and is one of the regular online mentors in PHmuseum educational program. Eefje can coach photographers in producing, further elaborating or perfectioning a body of work and its dissemination. Eefje can finetune concepts and pitches, goals and motivation to move work forward. She also coaches in editing and presenting work. She has great insight in the global community of documentary photography based on her professional experience accumulated over the past 10 years. 


Chiqui Garcia

• Workshops, masterclasses, university lectures, consultancy

• Languages spoken : Spanish, English, French

Chiqui Garcia started her career as a freelance graphic designer.

In 2007, she launched her own graphic design studio and, in 2009, founded Beltza, specializing in institutional communication on different supports, such as brochures, magazines, books, posters, etc.

Chiqui has been teaching workshops, in collaboration with photographers and videographers, since 2013. Aware of the role that graphic design can play in reinforcing storytelling she seeks to help the participants reflect on the importance of a coherent dialogue between the content of their stories and the formal choices to be made to present them. Symbolic meaning of typography, format or paper are all elements that help reinforcing the message and the emotion of a photographic body of work. 

During the workshops, she presents practical exercises to work on composition, rhythm and balance, taking the participant’s work as a starting point. Her purpose is to enable photographers to integrate graphic concepts in parallel to their photographic skills, thus have a better control on the way their stories are shown and improve the impact and visibility of their work.

Parallel to her graphic designer activity, Chiqui Garcia has always been sensitive to social issues, which were reflected in her choice of collaborations. She has worked for socially engaged associations and NGOs, such as Caritas Europa, Solidar, CNCD, The European Microfinance Network, Credal and Handicap International. 

She is a permanent teacher in La Cambre, Brussels, and participated in workshops in Haïti and Senegal, alongside Gaël Turine.