MAPS brings together photographers and creatives to make remarkable projects traversing the quotidian world.

At our core are collective projects that inspire a greater consciousness, that serve general interest, knowledge and awareness.

Our structure is a creative laboratory combining the assets of a photo agency and the strengths of a collective. We value a variety of photographic vocabularies in our pursuit of multi- and interdisciplinary projects.

Who are we?

United by common concerns facing our world, MAPS convenes diverse and multidisciplinary sets of expertise to initiate conversations, explore new and interdisciplinary boundaries and collaborations.

MAPS is a group of individuals worldwide, currently consisting of:

  • International photographers, with various backgrounds and interests, each with a unique photographic voice.
  • Creative, experienced professionals, with expertise in different fields, including curation, editing, communication, education, sales, design and management.
  • Dynamic guest contributors, adding alternative, creative and strategic dimensions to our projects, with a broad range of skill sets, from journalism to art.

Our principles

As a life-size collaborative experiment, we base our identity on strong values and ethical principles.
We believe in independence, open-mindedness and a collective intelligence. We stand for integrity, respect, perseverance and transparency.

Our mission

Since we believe in the evocative power of the image and its ability to connect people, we aspire to:

  • Expand the way stories are told, shared and communicated.
  • Disseminate visual stories to wider audiences.
  • Explore ways to involve and empower the communities concerned.


MAPS makes high caliber visual projects for various international clients: media, institutions, NGOs, corporations, etc.

  • Cultural events, exhibitions, screenings, artistic collaborations, books, print sales.
  • Educational programs, workshops and masterclasses for various audiences.
  • Assignments and multimedia projects for editorial, commercial and cultural organizations.