Tutto parla di te

Simona Ghizzoni

Pauline’s dream / photographs created for “Tutto parla di te” , a movie by Alina Marazzi. With Charlotte Rampling, Elena Radonicich, Valerio Binasco, Maria Grazia Mandruzzato (Italy, 2012)

Director’s notes.

I was with my newborn son when a woman drew near saying to me with a smile: “How beautiful babies are in the arms of others!” An apparently banal comment made me reflect on the conflicts that can occur in a mother-child relationship. Every mother is aware of that sentiment in balance between love and refusal of her own child. It’s a painful tension to experience and very hard to confess, inasmuch as rubbing against the common conception of that primordial bond. With this film, I wanted to explore and dramatize the ambivalence of the maternal sentiment and the resistance, which even till this day, there is in accepting and facing it. To honor the complexity of this sentiment, I chose to integrate the fictional with diverse elements: archive footage, animated clips, documentary sequences, through which I could evoke the various emotional levels this tension gives rise to in those living through it.

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