The Intelligence of Flowers

Nicolas Janowski

“From living things, the soul is seen fundamentally, while bodies become nebulous realities” Materlinck, 1911.

“Wisdom never says one thing and nature another” Juvenal, S VIII.

The humanizing process of cannabis has given rise to an alternative current that proposes to distance itself from this anthropization of the cannabis landscape (transformation that the human being exerts on the environment). What is proposed accordingly is a reformulation of the link with the plant through human planning. To ̈plant ̈ the individual as a gesture of return to a more organic, natural and binding way with the environment of which we are all part of.

About the work:
La inteligencia de las flores is a transmedia project that includes a performative intervention, a photographic essay, mixed media pieces and 3 sound art pieces related to these mixed media interventions. These sound pieces refer to three emotional axes – anxiety, sleep disorders and depression – linked to the healing processes through the use of medicinal cannabis. All three pieces were made using sinusoids processed between 900 & 1000 hz, activators of the pineal gland that affects the regulation of these emotional states

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