South Sudan – Homes

Hannah Reyes Morales

Mothers have built the safest homes of the world’s newest country

We’re exploring how South Sudanese mothers, amidst their own trauma in conflict, must create homes for a generation of South Sudanese children growing up in camps in Northern Uganda, and in South Sudan. We talked to mothers about building homes: the literal building of the physical house, and turning it into a home.

Of the millions displaced, about 85% are women and children.

We interviewed Mary, who gave birth to a child at three different stages of war and resettlement, and followed her as she took her one day old baby home. We spoke to Grace, who is now a surrogate mother to about 12 children, many of them orphans. Her physically abusive husband left her upon finding out she took these children in.

It’s a chance to talk about the ongoing crisis in South Sudan through the lens and dangers of motherhood.

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