Matthieu Gafsou

Inevitably, this series suggest Catholicism is a male religion, and then only when they have reached a canonical age. It suggests that this is a faith deserted by its troupes, despite the child’s baptism, its confessionals awaiting clients, that it has no contact with the outside world (…) It also seems that the faith exists only in the past, that it is no longer transmitted: there are no images of catechism or predication, no assemblies of God’s people, with its primary population of non-clerics.

Some photographs show church interiors in twilight, void not only of worshippers but also of chairs… The only living things (for the time being) are the flowers in their vases; a theory of white albs hanging from the coat rack in the closet. The donation box for missions looks as if it were from another age… It is probably empty. This faith no longer goes on missions. It does not extend, reach out. It is protracting. Catholicism as a curled-up, crippled thing. (François Boespfluf, extract)

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