MAPS introduces 3 new members


Three new photographers were elected at MAPS’ Annual General Meeting in Arles early July.

The team of 12 MAPS photographers and 5 creatives asked Elena Anosova, Kitra Cahana and Matt Stuart to join them as members.

All three meet MAPS’ ambition to visually document today’s changing environment and societies in the world with a personal and differentiated photographic writing, giving MAPS the possibility to strengthen its complementary competences and benefit from its diverse experiences.

Kitra Cahana (b. 1987) is a freelance documentary photographer, videographer, a photo/video artist and a TED speaker based in the U.S. She is a contributing photographer to National Geographic Magazine. She has a B.A. in philosophy from McGill University and a M.A. in Visual and Media anthropology from the Freie Universität in Berlin.
“I believe we are a part of a righteous community, a mix of journalists, artists, social justice warriors and empaths and we need each other’s support, now more than ever.”

Elena Anosova (b. 1983) is originally hailing from the region of Baikal and is currently based in Moscow and Irkutsk. She completed her education at Rodchenko ArtSchool, Moscow, Russia and already has participated in a number of national and international projects and exhibitions.
“MAPS is more than just a collaboration of equals, this is the case when 1+1 = greater than 3. Coinciding in ethical views and complementing each other with different experiences and activities, artists, creatives, and documentalists have created a team which is a bit more than an agency.”

British photographer Matt Stuart ‘shoots people’ and ‘is not sure which came first, being nosey or an interest in ‘street photography’, but he has a fascination with people and the way they live their lives’.
“I am impressed by the refreshing thought that has gone into the creation and structure of MAPS and which separates it from the more conventional agencies. You have a totally different agency model.”