Cédric Gerbehaye

Le Bec en l'air
74 black and white photographs
19 × 26.5 cm
French & English

They are the army of care.
The bringers of aid.
To quit would be desertion.
Even when exhausted, they carry on.
Even when sick, they will come back.
A closed arena.
Which of them remember the life they lived before?
Is this how humans live?
How they struggle to survive,
How they die?

Documenting the different stages of the fight against the virus, trying to translate the unspeakable, anchoring it in our collective history.
This was the work of Cédric Gerbehaye and writer Caroline Lamarche.

The book ZOONOSE reflects a year spent immersed in the pandemic, at the Tivoli University Hospital and city of La Louvière.
Published by Le Bec en l’air