MAPS believes it is all about life long learning, no matter what form, where or when.
Via the MAPS SHARES program, MAPS aims to share the knowledge, experience and network of its members with a wider audience, aiming to support its professional and personal development and raise more awareness about the stories produced.
Educational opportunities are open to everyone – of any age, nationality and level of photographic experience. We offer custom-made photography trainings for individuals and organizations on different levels.
In MAPS SHARES not only photographers are involved, but also non-photographers, creative professionals and temporary collaborators.

  1. Consultancy

MAPS has not only a team of experienced photographers and videographers, but also communications experts, graphic designers, editors and curators who work hand in hand. We can advise on different topics, processes, products and the worldwide network of visual storytellers, authors and photographers.

We are also more than happy to participate in juries, selection and nomination committees and portfolio reviews.

  1. Lectures/ presentations

MAPS members can give presentations on different topics related to our work and experience.

  1. Workshops

Workshop are hands-on, activity based short events where a different number of participants can attend. MAPS offers its own workshops, but can also deliver them in collaboration with third parties and collaborators.
Workshops are always custom-made.

  1. Courses

Where workshops happen one-off, courses create a long-term investment in a specific audience. MAPS photographers teach at different universities and art schools and are always open to collaborate with institutions and initiatives in offering long-term courses.

  1. Masterclasses

Masterclass photographers

Each year MAPS SHARES organizes a masterclass in a different continent, offering a high quality, intimate learning experience for up to 15 talented photographers who will be handpicked by MAPS members. The work these photographers will produce for the masterclass will be presented during one year on the website of MAPS and increases their visibility.

Interdisciplinary masterclass

This masterclass does not only accept photographers, but other artists such as writers, theater makers, gamers, musicians, painters, who will work together with each other, with MAPS members and with trainers from other fields, around one topic during a week.

  1. Mentorship

MAPS creates an unique mentorship program for young and emerging authors and photographers who could benefit from guidance in the preproduction, production and postproduction of their work. Each year, MAPS members choose one or two trainees who will be mentored by one MAPS photographer and one MAPS creative professional. MAPS offers some level of representation, function or reward for talented and committed students allowing them to continue to grow.

  1. Teen Imagemakers

MAPS Teen Imagemakers serves teenagers and youngsters with the goal of fostering self-expression and community development among a diverse group of teens. It offers opportunities to develop their knowledge of photography, critical thinking, writing and public speaking.

Examples of content

A selection of the following topics may be included in the different activities MAPS SHARES offers: storytelling / dark room techniques / editing and sequencing / composition and light / dissemination with press, web, book and exhibition / ethics / safety in the field / theories and practices of self-portraiture / how to develop a personal project…

For more info about MAPS SHARES, please email