The wall of Lima

Gaël Turine

In the Peruvian capital, stands the longest urban separation wall in the world.
This wall was built in 1986, on the model of the Berlin wall, to protect the rich districts of Las Casuarinas and La Molina from the arrival of the populations coming from the countryside. Today, almost 60 000 families live in the slum of Pamplona Alta. The two “communities” share the two sides of the same hill, the wooden shacks contrasting with the luxury villas.
Despite the denunciations, “El muro de la venguenza” (The wall of shame), still exists.

This story documents life in Pamplona Alta,  separated by this 10 km wall from Las Casurarinas, a «gated community» inhabited by millionaires.
This wall is a symbol of the contempt and the discrimination that the inhabitants of Pamplona Alta have to face everyday, and more broadly the mirror of growing global inequalities.

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