The wall and the fear

Gaël Turine

In 1993, India started building a separation wall along 3200 km with neighboring Bangladesh. It is impossible to cross and severly guarded by Indian Border Security Force. The official reasons given by India to justify the existence of such a wall are the protection against infiltrations of Islamist terrorists and to stop Bangladeshi immigration. The number of arrests, victims of torture and casualties have made this frontier one of the most dangerous in the world. Despite the complaints of the victim’s families, the crimes perpetrated by the BSF remain mostly unpunished.
Almost all the victims are Bangladeshis trying to cross the border. For reasons either economical, of family, sanitary, or environmental, they try to go illegally to the other side of the wall. It is hard to blame them, as Bangladesh suffers all evils: extreme poverty, enormous overpopulation, frequent natural disasters… The risk taken is huge, as according to the figures given by the human rights organizations: a person has been killed on the border every five days over the past five years.

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