Disputed Land

Gaël Turine

Fifty years ago, between June 5th and 10th 1967, Israel invaded the Egyptian Sinaï, the West Bank, the Gaza strip and the Syrian Golan Heights during a blitzkrieg. The « Six-Days War » redrawn the Middle East’s frontiers.
Since then, the Israeli state has officially withdrew from the Sinaï and the Golan and annexed East Jerusalem while slowly colonizating West Bank’s territory. The Palestinian enclave in Gaza Strip is still under blocus even with the Israeli withdraw.
Despite the aborted attempts at peace treaty, the two states solution, encouraged notably by the consecutive american presidents including Donald Trump, seems to get further away everyday.
I have choosen to take interest in this « disputed land », where the consequences of the « Six Days War » are still very much tangible, five decades later. The trip focuses in the West Bank, from Nablus to Hebron, while passing by Ramallah, Jericho, Bethleem and of course, East Jerusalem.

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