Louis Van Ginneken

Journalist & digital content producer Based in Brussels


Louis Van Ginneken is a freelance journalist based in Brussels.

In recent years he has specialized in long form, narrative journalism, through investigation and reporting. The themes he explores relate to the dominance relationships that exist in working conditions, urban space or gender norms.

Within MAPS, he is in charge of the development of digital contents.

Louis Van Ginneken


Japan : After the fallout — On March 11th 2011, 10 years ago, an earthquake and a tsunami hit the coast of Tohoku, Japan, which led to a nuclear disaster in Fukushima Daiichi. Dominic Nahr arrived in Tohuku the next day.

Black Lives Matter Protest, Brussels — On June 7th, in Brussels, more than 10,000 people gathered in the honour of George Floyd, as well as to demonstrate against Belgium's own police brutality and to denounce the racism still present in this country of colonial past.

Arab Spring in Egypt — On the occasion of the ninth anniversary of a historic event, MAPS looks back at the unfolding situation in Egypt.


Night Lights These are the gestures of men and women who watch over us. They take care of the sick, the old, the wounded, the dying, and the newly born.

Given Data — Six photographers, Elena Anosova, Matthieu Gafsou, Cédric Gerbehaye, Simona Ghizzoni, Christian Lutz, John Vink and the graphic artist Chiquinquirá García, found themselves faced with regional statistical data, the starting point for their exploration.

Coping — Facing an unprecedented crisis, photographers and creatives began this project to cope with isolation. Assembled in three chapters — Roots ; Suspended Times ; Uncertainty — their images show anxiety, confusion and loneliness, intersecting with the value of human connection and support.